Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On travelling

I swear the universe gives us what we want.

Like how else have I been to

- Osogbo

- Ekpoma

- Port harcourt

and I am currently blogging from Jebba in Niger state

In two weeks.

I really need that camera, Yo, Universe you have been working over time.

That being said the Universe has been bad to me to and working against me.



And what is up with that really.

I went to a party on Saturday that had not one BUT two of my Abuja boyfriends there.

Color me speechless. and confused and confounded.

But because my job requires I make shit up as I go alone. guess who rose out the flames like a phoenix reborn?

Your's truly.

The details of this gist will be served in another post. I promise.

Also why do I keep meeting men?

I go and tell my friends and they keep scolding me.


Married men, do your friends scold you when women speak to you?

Just asking because I need to know if this is a double standard.

So this man I met at the gym on saturday. After my last incident at the gym I try my utmost best to not speak to men there again ( I ended up facing a discplinary committee)

- Again, another gist.

So, I decided not to be rude and I gave out my call card.

Also, in my defence my friend Sope- who is a boy brags non stop about how rich the gym is re-social currency and all the connections he makes there and all that.

I keep forgetting the balls I have on my person are high up on my chest.

This man has been calling me non stop, On Saturday after he called me twice then decided to see if we could  see me.

urm Oga no you can't see me because No.

And he keeps calling and texting.

* why you need to stay away from drugs*

The pool party I attended had these brownies.

I am thankful I do not smoke weed because I could swear I was going to pass out then wake up in an alternate world

Imagination is super when it has other substances * makes mental notes not to judge artists with substance abuse problems*

So while I was strung out, turns out I had a phone conversation with Mr Gym man.

This supposedly happened at 2am.

Offcourse I slept off.

next day more messages- Why am I being cold?

Me- Do I know you nigga?

Now,I have dropped I am doing something with my husband line like 3 times. This man is DEAF.

So I decided not to take any of his calls.

Like clock work he calls

I'm out of town so no harm but abeg no. So I decline and reply with a text about how I will call him later,

Mr gutsy text me back saying "LOL, we both know that won't happen so what time should he call me back?"

I think I'm just going to block his number and change my gym hours to evening.

Another man in my office- This one is the saddest thing because I do not know anyone who pays me more work place appropriate compliments than this man.

Change of hair o! lipstick color o! nail polish o! name it, boy is on it.

So that is how monday, I went to ask him about something and he said " I do not even have your number I can't reach you on the weekend"



No. I just shut it down. fassst.

one of the hardest things for me generally was shutting men down, because I have approached men and look, that ela is demoralizing,

So I always put myself in their shoes and try for a soft landing

But no more MRS NICE GIRL.

Pss* one of my Surprise abuja boyfriends I met on saturday , works in my office building
Psss* This negro told me I heard you are engaged, we should have lunch

Pssss* I should tell you that the side eye roll I dished out for him- LEGENDARY.

so over men.

Pssssss* I won something in a give away on Pynk360.com

Uber excited

Second give away I'm winning in a minute!

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