Thursday, July 9, 2015

Update on new years resolutions

I used to do half year posts but this year has been so fast and so filled with so much going on.

Today I read This my resolution post and I was in awe of how close my current present is with all my  resolutions/ all the things I said.

For one- This is the year I get married ( ha slowly getting excited about it)

and two

I think I am kinder. Than I was. I am more honest, and I'm taking fewer off days at work.

To travel- Ah God, this one is all you. who would have thought relating to travel the only issue I would have would be getting time off work?

ha ha

It is so interesting this Travel one- I just said It and the universe heard it and did it.

#lesson Start saying the things you want and the world will give it to you.

I'm reading at the same pace ( I have also started watching TV- *gasp* I know) Lets call it bonding time for Eros & I. he is obsessed with TV, ,me not so much.

To shop less- THIS is really interesting because I for some reason can't see anything to buy.

( it could also be because I hate wearing size 12 clothes so I'm not buying any!)

To foster a relationship with my father.
Hmnn. I do not know if this is the avenue to really talk about this ( since I am at my desk and tearing up as I type this Even though I just came back from a bathroom break that I spent crying about this)

I'm just in all my feels about this.
But let me tell you something i'm learning unforgiveness is never the way forward, and all it does is hurt you and harden you and lets all be like the potatoe that adversity makes soft and not like the egg that heat hardens

( that last paragraph was mostly for me so I can refer to this when I start getting drenched in all my feels all the time)

Maybe the crying is PMS?

Also- I have put on so much weight, I wore a dress and my co-worker alluded that I was pregnant.

First- Totally inapprops ( shout out to Pam*),
Second- Rude ( because I am NOT that fat)
and third ( Just generally what the fuck?)

*Pam is a xter in Archer**
**Archer is only the best cartoon series I watch and absolutely Love.

Also I was at the spa this week and got a deep tissue massage- NEVER AGAIN.

I hurt allover ahn ahn.

Alssooooo guess whose father in law gave her a present just because.
You guys I swear I am a catch but the way my inlaws are making me feel, All my uncles and aunt's are just like - girl you are so lucky, I can not believe your Inlaws do all this for you.

Eg- My MIL who is currently outta town, gave me a suitcase to go on my last holiday,
so My mum goes to see her and I just tagged along and she asked for it and I'm like - No now dash me

MIL-okay but it's a set so you need to come for the smaller ones.

I need to put this in context- My mother said no to giving me a suitcase

She was thoroughly shamed.

Serves her right. :p

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