Thursday, July 30, 2015

New best song.

Word play, turns into gun play
Gun play turns into pillow talk
Pillow talk turns into sweet dreams
Sweet dreams turn into Coffee in the morning

You people should not say I do not do anything for you. I really really really really like miguel.

And the video is FIRE.

Jebba is amazing. The land is green and I wish I had a professional camera.

Because there is so much to see

I have lived in Nigeria for 26 years and I did not even know these parts existed.

I'm lowkey ashamed.

Madam I like to travel but I don't know what is happening in my back yard

Thinking of going to calabar for the carnival in december.

The thing about cities with nothing to do, is you have so much free time to get into your head

and reply 3 week old bbm messages.

Hey Adeyemi, ( sorry for the reply, You are right as always, I am bored)

I am not the best at friendship maintenance I must confess.

But I am trying. I really am.

I'm doing this thing where I actively do not say any bad thing about myself.

Why do people fret about texting.

I know what I said to you, Although my texting is ambigious, I struggle to put in context what I always mean.

Which is why screen shots don't scare me.

I mean I probably tweet about what I'm telling you anyways.

go on with your bad self.


Anonymous said...

Your honesty and consistency in blogging is inspiring. I would say that these updates give me life in the dreary UK summer but that would be famzing no? Off to write something.

Oh and congratulations, and no you are not the only one who gets cold feet.

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

Famzing, will be following me on twitter and letting the world know how awesome of a blogger I am.

For real.
Congrats on the Rock! and lets hear more about your husband nowwwww. :p


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