Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On travelling

I like to travel.

A lot.

Not for the gram but for how I feel when I travel, I am excited, relieved and at ease.

Which is really weird because what I like is so expensive I can not do it as often as I would like to do it and it hurts.

So I tweeted about how I would LOVE to travel for a living. Like just travel and write and travel and experience all the things the world has to show and rahhh.

Anyway bottom line is I'm starting a travel blog.

There are two problems with a travel blog
1- I am always so excited, I feel like writing about my experience diminishes it.

Does that make sense?

probably not. I can not explain it.

Second and much more important is that I do not own a camera. *gasp*

Should I start a travel blog with my trusty Iphone 6 Camera?

My cousin came over for the weekend and said my skin looked so amazing.

I'm like huh? really?

I make this mix for my skin.

I got tired of getting sun burnt ( Hello Greece and Vegas) and Also got tired of having acne, that I reverted to using only natural stuff on my skin.

Think - natural saturdays stuff. It works, scars from when I had a bout of pitiraysis (sp?) roasea have ALL FADED.

It took Eros pointing it out to me to even notice.

And to think I was begging the doctor for hyper pigmentation cream to fix it.

And the doctor was like your skin is beautiful and will survive this stay strong.
me: * side eye*

So the light skinned deliciously unmarried ( I know I checked) doctor at Lagoon in Vi, I do not even like light skinned men BUT YOU ARE A STAR!

Thank you for insisting I say NO to the spot fading cream. I thank you, My skin thanks you

and the 10 people a month I am going to creating this mixture for (probably) thank you (more than me right now tbh).

So back to travel blogging.

How does this work??

Do I tackle travel finance?

I will like to talk about travel finance because _ Hello Cheap skate economy flier here, But really because I know how hard it is to have a 9-5 and gift yourself an actual holiday that won't be ridled with guilt because you used the money for X to travel.

Also because you really can not travel without money.

One of the biggest regrets I have till date is coming home ( to Nigeria) every chance I got when I was at Dundee. Makes zero sense looking back now. I could have had so much fun and not gone to sweat at escape, But we look back fondly at that summer.

So what do I call travel blog?

What of lay out, More importantly how do I manager my anonymity while simultaneously using my existing anon social media accounts as click bait without showing my face in the photos?

Travel podcast maybe?

Except that small issue of me sounding like shakira who swallowed a frog.

So how have you all been, So much happening in my life; I'm just here like Fix it Jesus.

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mizchif said...

LMAO. As usual you stay cracking me up.
Lord knows I'd love to travel and write about it and get paid. Like I've only just started this trip and I'm writing about it in my head.
However the thing about a travel blog (for me at least) is how often am I traveling that I want to start my own blog? I started thinking more along the lines of being a contributor some place, say a magazine or online publication.
But yea if I see who will pay me to just review hotels sef my life will be made.

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