Monday, August 19, 2013

Black dresses

I appreciate honesty- no matter how crass.

Which is why I did not get mad when this Nigga told me how he wanted to fuxk me the moment he saw me in my black dress.

Since I love honesty- I might as well be honest.

I am here for honest Niggas.
I do not go out and learn how to booty pop and swing my hips seductively in sexy black dresses for girls to give their opinions.

I am very here for boys who like that I look sexy and are not afraid to say it.

However- keep a lid on it. Be classy about it.

However you wanna go about that- does not concern me.

But tell the truth.


Quaggar said...
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Quaggar said...

Straight up post. I like.

So, what he told you... was it classy or not?

'Seni said...

Pictures for remote assessment please? LOL


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