Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hosting, posting and Washing

On wednesdays my friend debo plays soccer with a bunch of his friends.

I go to offer moral support and make snide comments from the side lines.

I love the energy there and even more than the energy- I like that I have something to do on wednesdays.

Last week, he was hungry and came through with a bunch of his friends to eat eba and okro after the game at my house.

-side bar: If I had to find my calling, I will swear Eba and Okro is somewhere at the top.

So I made the eba and Okro- and offered to make pounded yam for Kay- who I havent seen in ages!

Anyways one of his friends seemed surprised that I could host so well. Even more so because apparently- I come across as someone who can not be bothered to cater to other people.


Nothing can be farther from the truth- while I have shut my doors to many people in my life- not because I hate them but simply because I am yet to find out who I can trust with my business- and right now the answer is no one.

That as an aside- I am a fabulous hostess. I might possess a career path is beer - palour-y and what not- all I need to do is learn how to make nkowbi and I am set for life.

I have also found extra amusing the incessant need that people have to post other people.
posting means to keep stringing someone along indefinitely till you are satisfied.

And because I can not understand how you as a person can you even have a certain mapped out plan for your life I can not seem to take you seriously. I would not even pretend to try to.

That as an aside.
What I find most amusing is the non stop washing that goes on in Lagos state.
I have a 9 -5 which might be an internship but I get up and go somewhere everyday.

But when I meet a male who at 5pm when I have closed from work is still in his pyjama's and is crying entrepreneur. seems like a valid scam to me.

More than a valid scam- seems like a lazy bastard telling lies. about everything.

Now I am not saying every entrepreneur is lazy and a scam artiste because he is in his pjays at 5pm after I have spent the whole day at work.  There must be something in my subconcious that makes me so vary of such washer men.

I do not even know how to handle such people but just to give them space.

If you want to lie- take the lies to people who can be bothered.

I personally have had enough lies to last ten life times.

Anyways- What have you all been up too?

I found a bag I have been wanting to buy in such a delicious mint color! I am so pleased!

I can not wait for my new clothes- so I can start carrying the bag.

I am at such a good place- I have found that in the end, you will be fine.

Eventually- at the end, we will all be okay.

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