Sunday, August 11, 2013

How many children do you want?

Last week, I ended up in the hotel room of a friend of a friend of a friend ( aka do not ask- I swear it was not runs sha)

 For the benefit of this post, lets say we were three, me, him/he, Heem.

So the conversation steered towards kids.

"I want two kids" I quipped.

He laughed at said " if I married you, i'll give you five".

I'll tie my tubes after two, I retorted petulantly.

Heem: I want like three kids. But if I get small money, maybe four.

me: Yimu

Heem: But if the money too bad, five.

me: get out of here.

Heem: if the money make water pass garri, bad as e bad, I will have one outside.

everyone erupts into laughter.

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