Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who you should marry.

You should marry your brother or cousin.

But a close cousin.

In fact, a 1st cousin.

I think Abraham knew what he was doing when he gave Issac to" Rebby baby girl"*

Why should you marry your brother?

Because then you do not need a new family. Your old one will suffice.

You never have to learn how to greet your husbands mother- because I mean you have been greeting her all
your life a certain way.

You know what else? Your mother will never wake up at 3 am to pray for the salvation of your husband to be.

I mean- You guys already attend the same church/ mosque.

Which means if you are catholic, your husband will never have to sign away his rights to raise his kids how he  likes to the church.

If you marry your cousin- your aunty becomes your mother in law.

I can give you a million and one reasons why this would work, pure blood lines, no half blood princes etc etc etc

But most importantly- the off chances of loosing the one you really love to religion or tribe differences - totally eliminated.

Okay- maybe same aso-ebi during the wedding is more important.

*= Rebecca in the bible was chosen to marry her cousin Issac as all the other girls around were heathens.

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