Monday, May 30, 2011

uber random

i know i never ever do proper personal posts but yeah.

i had this huge fight with the Lover last night. :(

we never ever have fights that huge. i mean its so freaking awkward.

and this stupid tamia song is not helping my situation. *sigh*

so being the female im supposed to (ideally) anyways go and smooth things over and what not.

but i cant. not because i do not want too. but because yours truly does not know how too.

yes if we fall out, i wont talk to you or make the 1st move. most times people just assume i cant be bothered and maybe i cant so i never bothered how to learn conflict resolution but yeah i kinda need pointers.


you'd think that after being with someone this long, there would be no more fights.

#np glitter in the air.

#ps. he just text me. and i do not know what to say, he also called me last night and i didnt pick up. i think something is wrong with me.

#pss. i know how random this is but i'd rather blog about it than tell any of my friends. i am not comfortable sharing stuff like this with my close friends.
well maybe except eneni and Ogo n nengi because they have been in relationships longer than me.

#psss. i actually dont need pointers. i just needed somewhere to air my views.

#pssss im glad im off BB im sure the argument would have been 20 times worse. but when you are N15 to blast someone. you just free.

and this damn weather is not helping matters.

i think i need black tea men. my new obsession. tea, the gym and wonderbras.

ok enough rambling.

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