Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I remember.

I remember and i have been remembering for the last week now random bits and peices of my childhood and just random bits tho.

Strange yeah.

I remember not having a car to go to school and having to join my neighbors to school for almost 3years or so.

I remember when my mum got her present job.

I remember moving out and how excited we all were and then we had 2 postpone it because the water tank was in the new houses' store and it over flowed and flooded the whole house and my sister was depressed because she went back to warri without seeing the new house.
(Except we didnt know it was depression then)

i remember all my summer holidays in warri. And egbudu market and garage and life hotel burning down. ( Life hotel was basically the whore house of all brothels) lol i remember my grandma praising God that life hotel was burning.

I remember fetching water from egbudu market and crossing the main road with buckets of water. Holding it with one hand and then holding my sisters hand with the other hand.

I remember my mummy baking us birthday cakes. And cooking brown sasuce and making chapman. And letting us ice the christmas cake.

I remember how i felt when the person i refered to as my best friend became best friends with someone else.

I remember the first time the lover set eyes on me. I remember because he kept stalking me at the club and i also mistakenly spilled my drink on him. And still refused to talk to him till he found someone to introduce us properly.

I remember Taiwo Akibayo. RIP. Sometimes i wonder what would have really happened if he didnt pass away.

I remember the night i heard he died. I think a part of me went as well. I cant remember. I do not want to remember.

I remember my first kiss post Oyikan. In a car just like it was with him. I remember it not being the same.

I remember realising there was just one taiwo.

I remember my 1st bra. And how Ogo and dami used to pull it and slap it against my back in class.

I remember the time Mrs Shoda flogged Teniola phillips and i for being in her english class for yoruba.

I remember night prep with no light. And just randomly drumming and singing.

I remember Joey's girlfriend telling everyone how i used to be the queen bee but she had replaced me.
I remember when the broke up. I hope she remembers it too and feel stupid.

I remember Uni and all those weekend parols. And new friends, old friends and no friends.

I vividly remember having to cook a weekend at daniel's house and spiking the vegetable with weed. Lol. We got sooo high.

I remember my 1st time in paris. And i remember Disney Land. And i dont ever want to forget.

I remember how i felt when the Lovers mother accepted me.

I remember my last fight with my sister.

And God in heaven knows i remember all my pregancy scares.

I remember him saying " if you leave me, yours would be hard shoes to fill".

I remember him asking " what are we doing?" And i remember allways replying "lying down after sex" lol that shit always ruffled his feathers.

And i remember all sorts of other shit.

In memory all those who lost thier memory to Alzihmers.

I hope i never forget to remember me. Where im from, who i am and what i stand for.

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Your best post....your human post

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