Sunday, May 8, 2011


I swear almost all of my posts on this blog are titled random.

because as calculating as i am. i think im pretty much a random person as well.
maybe a bit of a diva too but whatever.

so last night was fun went out to support my friends. had fun.

and after the club went over to surprise the lover and i missed church this am.

im need to quit just randomly showing up at his place yo. especially after last last nights incident. but luckily for me i met no one so yay. we just watched tv and slept off in the sitting room.

till 11.50am this morning even tho i categorically stated that i had church by 7 am and would love to attend.

no use crying over spilt milk now.

sooo today Nike(fit fabulous and forty) dissed My future Husband Mr Becks.

Nigerians sha. anything to seem in a little control.

funny thing is ALL the fashion critics had nothing bad to say about posh and becks out fit to the wedding.

infact since posh was sporting a baby bump, after Duchess of Cambridge her dress was the 2nd most anticipated.and she DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

with her arm candy of a husband sexy sexy david.

plus what nike said didnt even make any sense. so what if david uses hair product?

moving on.

im still YET to unpack my stuff. actually i havent even unpacked the stuff from my holiday last year so my 2 suitcases from last year along side the extra new two.

safe to say i need a pa or sthg.

work has been crazy.

for some reason i feel unsettled. maybe its all the food i ate today i dunno but im just not as settled as i should be on a sunday night.

it could be the fact that my boss asked me to work today and i didnt show or call. lol

oohh and for some extremely random reason... dotstar expensive things song has been in my head. all day. urgh heard it at the club last night and ive been unable to purge my mind of the song.

plus i just randomly find myself singing bits i know. and shaking my head and the lyrics.

we need song writers in Nigeria tho.

i mean im not an authority in Music but im a consumer and the lyrics suck!
that will be all.

im not looking forward to work tomorrow. and staring at sheets of excel over and over and over.

im going to need to marry a rich politician to fund my intended lifestyle.

lol. i keep saying that shit. i need to quit it.

i am also worried about my friend. i know she is going through a lot, i just wish i could help her in some way. :(

and she keeps saying she is fine. when i know she isnt. *sigh*

im not not attempting to enter super woman mode with this life im living i dont know whatelse.

i also have not read my bible in 3 weeks. *hangs head in shame*

and my new best song is You be killing them.

fab is just a joker. there was a line where just so he could rhyme nigga said "callet" instead of called. like duuuuuude. still love it. jam and a half! for daysss!

listened to the song about 50 times today.

ohh and today i referred to myself as an acquired taste and all myfriends started yimu-ing me. it is true tho. very few people meet me and like me instantly. especially when i cant be bothered.

however IF i bring my A game. you have no choice BUT to like me.

actually its between me and God, the person usually doesnt have a choice.
and i realise how cocky that line sounds. lol

i miss Benita too.

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