Saturday, May 7, 2011


like this is diddy's (or whatever he goes by these days) bestest jam ever. but yeah im talking about last night in real life.

you know that thing in the movies where the girl goes over to see her man and is naked under her trench coat and she walks into the house and drops the coat and realises that there are 20 of his friends in the living room?

who have seen her nakedness??

so um yeah. happened to me last night.

well not exactly.

so i was supposed to go out with two of my friends who last minute decided to want to show up with 2 of thier other friends. so fucking irritating. especially since im not a fan of friends of friends.

anyways so thats how eventually they pissed me off too badly so i didnt show would prally go out tonight.

then around 11:45 i decided to call the lover. i mean. when all else fails abi?

so he wasnt going out but i could go crash at his. hmnn. ok

thats how somewhere in my head i just assumed that
1. since it was almost 12. no one in his house would be awake
2. even IF anyone was awake, thier asses would be at the club.
3. even if thier asses wont be at the club.... they just wont be in his damn living room.

HOWEVERRRRR. turns out i was wrong on ALL THREE ASSUMPTIONS!!
so thats how i was this insanely tiny skirt that ive had since maybe i was in year 3 or sthg..that i couldnt even sit in without my ass cheeks spilling out.

i sha wore it like that. you know in my mind. kitchen table top sex and tins.


thats how i sha waltzed into his living room.
let me list the people that were there.
1. his younger brother
2. his your brother's P
3. his younger brothers P's friend
4. his friend
5. that ones P
6. like 2 other friends in the kitchen.

if there was any moment where i wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. it was then. that fucking moment.

i almost fainted.

because these fuckers were soooo quiet i didnt even think anyone was there. if you see the speed i used to flee ehn.

im sure they are still laughing at me.

Lover gan sef joined them,

if there is anything i have learnt from this oh so embrassing episode.

nobody. i repeat NOBODY. is living with me in my husbands house.

so when #dearfuturehusband says " baby can my mother come spend the weekend?"
imma be like you know what? lether stay at 4 points. and put it on my tab.


so asides that. i just discovered calypso and coke taste amazing. if you love bounty( that coconut chocolate) you'll love this mix even more.

then to add insult to my skirt saga the lover now said" i hope you didnt buy this skirt for more than 5USD. thats how tiny the skirt was.

im not even going to say the other things he said. but yeah thats my new most embrassing momemnt.

im supposed to be at work now sef. sigh.

bosses who make thier subordinates work on saturdays. hell fire awaits them all. so freaking annoying. eish.

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