Saturday, May 21, 2011


the Lover says the most amazing things. at the same time. probably the shit that hurts me the most.

sad but true.

anyways today i ran into my friend who i know is Gay.

thing is. im against homosexuality. yeah im all for live and let live. but i draw the line at being gay.
anyways we have been friends forever. like we attended sunday school together and how way back we go.

but he still hasnt come clean to me yet. and im somewhat thankful for this. maybe he knows my stand on such matters and doesnt want to ruin our friendship.

anyways we hung out today at church AND he said i never look like i am in love.

#sidebar i dont even know what that means.

anyways he said i always seem to have my head on when im seeing someone. he said he doesnt think i believe in love.

and i said.. but im always going on and on about my Lover on twitter.

then he replied " lover? i thought he was your boyfriend, i didnt know he had a family, PLUS you dont strike me as the side chick type"

men do my head in. even gay men.

anyways i sha explained that he is my boyfriend that i refer to as my lover and all that jazz. and he said. " im sure you'd trade up soon enough, thats is your way"

ive known the lover for about 4 years now. he chased me for 3 or the better part of 3 of those 4 years and finally caught me. i dont think i would be trading up or down or in any direction quite honestly.

anyways back to what im saying.

how do people come up with that shit.. you dont seem in love?

because i dont doddle his last name with my First on my note book?

or i dont have a tattoo of his name on my body (God Forbid).

how do girls in love behave?

because prior to this conversation, i was pretty sure my had that " im in a happy the sex is amazing relationship" typa glow.

but heey what do i know?

by the way. my locks look more and more amazing every day.

#sidebar TY bello's afro is a weave. i found this amusing.

however my face is having a serious break out spree. i dont know who i offended or whose man my face is attracting that awon aye them are cursing me out with pimples.

BUT. please stop it. i do not like it.


guess guess??

ME!!!. and my hips didnt drop from 40inches too.

i know i was going for 28. but im sooo estatic. i offered to make the Lover breakfast

and i now i regret it because well. i have no idea what to make.

and honestly i dont wanna feck up.

#sidebar i am an amazing cook. i just cant function under pressure.

and finally the responsibilities are setting in.

im preparing two accounts.

(i hyper ventilate every time i remind myself that)

ish is scary as hell.

and i happen to know no other auditors asides my Ex AIC. who works at a rival accounting firm.

BUT my hands are tied.

so yeah church tommorrow. im excited.

and wizkid NEEDS to quit this bad attitude of giving a song a title that is totally unrelated to the (weak lyrical) content of the damn song.

how the hell was i supposed to know wiz party and na u dey eye me. are related???

ehn tell me. anyways i like the song.

#np Wizparty.

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