Monday, May 2, 2011

home coming

i love that song with kanye and chris martin.

anyways im home. :(

and i knew i should have bought two bottles of coffee patron duty free instead of one. im soo sad now.

anyways work starts tomorrow. i cant unpack and whatever. and knowing me. im going to live out of my suitcase till probably tola or eneni comes to help me unpack.

gash i am a loser.

and i made new friends on this trip.

usually im able to waltz in and out of people's lives.

i confess im having an unusally hard time waltzing outta this persons life.

eish and this is damamging my street cred yo.

but im sure i'll come around sooner or letter. because i know for a fact that ish is going to wreck me.

and i also know i wont stop till it does.

i have a heddick.

and there is work tomorrow. wailing.

and i forgot my ipod. eissssh. i cant stand modern day music. and i do not have my old music. i may have to purchase an mp3 player or sthg.

and look for my old music.

on my ipod my have 3 versions of the ghost movie OST by the righteous brothers.

unchained melodies- name of the song.

the movie was made in 1989.

and i havent even seen the movie.

does this make me a weirdo?

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