Friday, January 23, 2015



That is how I walked, No TREKKED. the whole of Piccadilly today looking for wagamama.

I dunno if you guys are aware but I have a one track mind.

I am team. see like chase. till I get then not like anymore, but I digress.

So that is how after trekking the whole of london and not finding the place.

I now said lemmie kuku enter barclays and see if I can sort out my card.

You know how Nigerian banks will you doing as if you are shit and you will have to come back later and etc etc etc.

The girl that attended to me was so damn pleasant.

For one, she said give me a minute.

Unblocked my card, took my details. helped me change my address and phone number at the bank.


did the most amazing thing.

Home girl printed out a new card for me.

Instead of ordering it to my house.

I was in awe.

of efficient customer service.

All of this 15 minutes.

Although there was a 10 minute wait.

I was almost worshipping her.

After all this I did not feel too bad.

I went to my happy place and got some hapiness in a box.


Anyways, I am torn between two things.

sleeping and reading all day tomorrow OR marathon shopping at Lakeside with my aunt who is LEGENDARY.

But one thing is for certain. not a single * insert SI unit for work* shall be done tomorrow.

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