Monday, January 26, 2015

The weekend and overnight generators

I went marathon shopping over the weekend.

My whole life hurts.

However I stayed up till 4 am reading on saturday having a lie in.

Now I want to tell you people( who do/do not read my blog)

I do not know think believe am not sure if I am cut out for marriage.

I know I know.

I have finished school and I have a job and don't I want kids?

Yes but is marriage the next available thing?

I just feel like there must be MORE. Out there than becoming someone else's wife?

You know.

Like That can not just be all.

There just has to be more the Nigerian woman can aspire to than to be a Mrs.

and that should be okay.

apparently NOT. My uncle spent the whole afternoon grilling and drilling me about getting married until I just started wailing.

Like can I live?

Yes I mean women are being applauded for wanting to get married.

Why do they stress women who DO NOT want to get married?

Like it makes no sense to me.

I just wanna travel, see the world and enjoy my life.

( It does not help that marriage has such a bad reputation of being a life sucking special purpose vechicle to dehumanize women in Nigeria - But I digress)

While there are no certainties in life- I know I can fall off a cliff on one of my holidays,

and get food poisioning or whatever.

I am just not ready to get married.

BUT OMG everyone. Is on my case to get married.

And honestly- I think I like my life; Like I am just starting to actually like the life I am living and now I have to go and switch it up?

anyways that is that.

Overnight generators.

I did not grow up rich- re Nigerian standard rich; I mean now I am just enjoying my life and all that but we were pretty much below the poverty line growing up. Do not let this lavish lifestyle fool you.

I am a literal Ajebutter late entry candidate.

So sha growing up we did not have light and water( most times) so we had a generator AND we fetched water with buckets.

Anyways my mother sole provider for food and shelter and light and water for the whole family was team no over night generator.

i.e the gen comes on at 7 and goes off at 12 midnight then on at 6 am to go off at 7am.

and that is how we were rolling till my mother turned 40.

she woke up one day with the most disturbing headaches. She said she couldnt understand them and they would not go away.

So she did what every God fearing Nigerian mother would do. She went to London for a medical check up.

-Sidebar, if you can afford it get superior healthcare outside the country. For real.

Anyway so my uncle ( same as above) happens to be a doctor, he told her it might be hormonal/menopause/he doesn't really know?

Her tests all came back good and her blood work was perfect and all that.

So tail between her legs she came back to Nigeria.
First night of her return, she thought to herself since I am going to die anyways, Might as well shack the generator till Morning.


The headache was not there in the morning? She said she thought it was because she just came back from london so we didnt notice.

After a week, she saw the diesel costs and decided to put off the gen at midnight-

Like clockwork the headaches returned.

needless to say we now have TWO, generators and my mother has NEVER slept sans generator ever again.

On the two occasions where there was no light and no gen.

My mother fled to a hotel. leaving her children to the mercy of candles and lanterns and heat and the sound of other people's generators.

Needless to say I can not sleep without light.

One time like 3 years ago, I went to sleep over at  visit my then lover.

That is how 8 pm Nepa took light and the gen was not starting.

Best believe I packed up our stuff and went to one hotel( name withheld) at lekki express to spend the night.

Some things are pretty much a necessity and not a luxury.

Overnight generator is one of them.

Guess who is too broke to eat lunch today?

The person who went and bought ridiculous amounts of earrings at Debenhams this weekend.

Thats who!


mizchif said...

First of all can i just say "Are you me???" Right now i'm just trying to arrange my life the thought of adding another somebody to it is just not something i'm very eager about.

Lol. This is funny because just a few hours ago i was at *location redacted* and somebody said something about liking peace and quiet and so his generator isn't coming on till 7pm so i just had to pause shenanigans.
The gen came on shortly after.
Like there's no need, if you know me you know the gen needs to be on when i say i'm on my way to yours, it's only my father that can punish me like that.

mizchif said...

P.s: Blessed are those who share the spoils of their marathon shopping with the less fortunate.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,