Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Dust

So many amazing things happening to me this year.

But first last year

January: I went back to school late ( I swear I came to Nigeria every chance I got!), anyways I finished up my dissertation and was mad stressed. Finalized plans for Miami

February: Submitted my dissertation and went to London and Coventry. And Houston .

March: MIAMI. Also stopped drinking alcohol- side bar Mya the stripper who took all my ones at King of Diamonds- I have you to partially blame for this. Came back to Nigeria

April: Started work ( urgh) went to Abuja. Fell in love with having a job.

May: Went back to Abuja-Also found out I was graduating with a Distinction. Booyah!

June: Went to Greece for the weekend that Absolutely changed my life- HELLO BABY GIRL!. Graduated; my mother was soo proud; I might have burst from Joy. Also- Mummy's birthday was a day before my graduation. Grand ma turned 80

July:Came back to work. Started falling out of Love with my job. Underwent my hardest client yet. rose from the ashes like a phoenix. Hosted a really really really intimate dinner at oriental. Ps: The views from the presidential suites are AHMAZING.

August: Fell into a job rut. Work kicked my ass so badly. Had a sever case of wanderlust. had a really nice public holiday

September: Went to abuja on an all expense paid holiday for the week. I also stayed at a really nice hotel ( was super loney in my hotel room); But I loved the experience. My sister turned a year older; she went to dxb for her birthday ( after much pushing from me) and now I am dying of envy.

October: Went back to Lagos then came to abuja for work. My uncle got married. Everyone had given up; we were all really excited.

November: Came to Abuja again for work. Delayed the trip for a week for my birthday! I turned 26 and the year looked really good thus far. I was really happy as I  received most of what I wanted for my birthday. :) Went to Warri for that wedding I spoke about in October. I also moved house- finally have my own room; although my sister is still constantly stealing from me.

December: Worked in Lagos. Which the driving took a toll on me. All the way from Chevron drive to aswani daily. Struggle life ( previously I lived and worked in Ikoyi); Mummy remarried. Had a lavish 80th for my grandma. Did my camo nails; and they were beautiful.

In 2014- I was happy. Looking back- really happy. I know how they say the brain is a depreciating organ but I actually can not get over how happy I am.

I have wonderful people in my life. Men who make me laugh hard; Women who make me abandon my goals to stop gossiping; Parental units who looked out for me.

So thankful.
Looking back at 2014 has me so damn thankful.

2013 was an emotionally difficult year for me so in 2014 I threw myself into general betterment and making a concious effort to be happy.

2015 however is trying to drown me in Gods favor.

Its so scary and wonderful at the same time. Would tell you about it l8r.

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