Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birthday wish list

Because what is a birthday without presents?

I will tell you- A BORE.

So without much ado-

1. Viktor and Rolf bon bon.
My friend Eneni has this scent and my GOD, it is divine.
100ml. Edp - obviously.

2. YSL mascara in shocking.
 I currently have the baby doll, and I am ready to take it to the next level.

3. Foreo lunar face wash

This is touted as the revolutionary and apparently the best face washer in the world.

meh- My skin is oily and sensitive so when you get to the store, make your you mention it.

4. BMS Indonesian massage session

I have been so stressed of late that- I need a full day pampering session just to unwind.

I like the BMS spa in Ikoyi; I have been there once; and the women were so good, I never fall asleep during sessions because I am always so scared that they would molest me ( Too much porn) However, when the women woke me up, I was not so mad.

5. White skinny jeans ( Inseam 36 waist 28/30)

Look I have searched high and low, tall girls get NO DAMN LOVE WHEN IT COMES TO PANTS AND MAXI's. Yes I am shouting. I honestly believe that white skinny jeans take you to the next level- ask khole kardashian.

Note that this photo is for illustrative purposes only.

6. Clinique Dark spot corrector.

Because lets face it. I am an Olympic gold medalist when it comes to picking at the pimples on my face. and HELLUR scars.

This serum actually works really well. 

7. Bang and Olufsen bluetooth speakers.

I am currently lusting for the beo play A8 in purple ( obviously); 

However since this is above my pay grade; I would manage the beats pill

8. Running shoes

Because I have let my body go. and my reverse cow girl is now shit since I stopped working out.

( I'm not playing here)
these look decent enough to make me want to wear them then work out- Hopefully.

Side bar- I need one of you fitness enthusiast to come and make my body his/ her ( his preferably) pet project. my body has so much potential I just like rice too much and late night dinners always have me like YASSSSSSSS. 

9. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather 

Three weeks ago, I ran into my friend and he smelt so damn good, and I know he used to wear Gucci pour homme, turns out he was wearing this fragrance.

fast forward to this weekend; I met my new almost Abuja boyfriend ( inside joke) and he smelt the exact same way. 

Suffice to say- I want to smell the same way- And I never want to smell like men I can not have but I am making an exception.

10. A sizable contribution to my next holiday.

My next holiday is going with the theme lavish with a budget. I have no idea how that would work but yeah that is in my plan. I plan to do a Lagos - London- Morocco- Canary Islands- Monaco- Paris- London- Lagos holiday.

Obviously by now y'all know I do nothing by halves. 

Do not worry I would take pledges and I wont call out defaulters. This isn't church you know?

Ps- crossed out items have been gifted.
Pss- If you want to buy them again, that is fine too.
Psss- I did not put up locations because we need to put in a little thought/ work into gift giving you know?
Pssss- If you do not really know where to get them from call me/ email me.

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