By now you guys know how much I love weddings.

Imagine how its just today that I have actually taken the time to peruse the  almightly Amal (now) clooney.

I think she is so bad ass.

The end.

I really think women should wait till they are a bit older to get married.

Get all that hoe-ness out of your system

Or whatever it is one needs to do.

Amal is sofa-king gorge.

Look at her legs.

Also her sunglass game is 100. 

I dunno but seems Mr Clooney is the utltimate winner here.

Where did she meet him; and more importantly, how did he convince her to marry him.

Because Look this woman is so bad-ass; I know he begged for her hand.

I mean look at her legs.

Anyways I wish them both happiness and badassness. all around.

I really like Amal; I mean I do not know her, but it is always nice to see when someone not in the industry in anyway- some how swoops in and slays all y'all models and co.

Anyways; one last time for the road

Look at her legs you guys.


Finally. she is such a fashion killer. 
I do not think she has a stylist but even if she does- 100 points for no bad days.

And her features are so fiercely lebanese.

I love that. 

Clearly I am obsessed with her.

Anyway enough about Amal; IT IS SCORPIO SEASON! * sting sting sting*

While I do not take this horoscope shit serious- I love how scorpio's are allegedly so bad ass.

Moodly. deeply emotional, passion filled and the best sex you would ever have.

Basically everything I am not.

Still I love the scorpio PR.

Anyways back to work. xoxo

ps: One more shot of Amal for the road...

Look at perfection. *sigh* a white pant suit is the answer to all my problems right now.


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