I do not know if any one can actually ever tell from here,

But I am so socially awkward.

In terms of meeting men.

Feel's like I started out waay to early- got into a long ass relationship AND  just fell off.

So now that I have to entertain toasters- It freaks me out just a little bit.

Anyways over the longggg weekend, My friend suggested I journey all the way to surulere in the rain

to get my laundry done.

[ side bar- I need a personal assistant, because works takes all of my living moments].

Anyway, So I packed my laundry of four weeks[ Clearly One has waaay too many clothes].

And headed to the laundromart in Suru-lere.

So I got there and there was a long queue.

So I waited. And waited and eventually asides a little drama, my turn came and I popped my clothes into the machine.

A young man came up to me to talk to me and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever.

Because I have decided not to entertain time wasters - and Because I have waaay too many number saved on my phone in dodgy variations of "DontPick", "No news", Old News" and one "Ferrari- different story".

I generally just collect the numbers and never call.

But this young man was adamant-  SO DAMN PERSISTENT.

Coupled with the fact that I did not want to be rude and shut him down like I would have if I was on the Island- No shade to the mainlanders, But y'all know that the Toasting MO is different and I wasn't ready to chop slap from one omo surulere.

I was just jejely blushing and saying thank you to all his compliments while moving back everytime he attempted to invade my personal space- Because Ebola, Not that I am rude.

Luckily for me, my friend showed up after making me wait for 2 hours and then we ran away to buy Ice- cream from cold stone- HELLO JEDI JEDI IN A CUP.

The ice-cream at cold stone is so full of indulgence. In a good way off course.

Anyway I came back to get my laundry and my " Toaster" was waiting for me.

Eventually he left but not before giving the lady at the front desk a note for me with his number, the prettiest illegible handwriting and the worst abbreviations ever[ because I have a thing for perfect vocabulary].

When I got the note- my friend- who must be a demon.

Looked at it. hissed. ripped it up and told the front desk girl in verbatim- If they sent you, tell them you did not see us at home.

A little bit of me always feels bad when I have to turn down someone's advances.

Because I am a go-getter and I put myself out there a lot. [ Although I have learnt not to take rejection personal]

Bottom line is this- Is there any decent way to just say no to young men without coming off as offensive.

It might not seem like it- BUT I hate being rude/ or lacing men with an attitude just because they want to "get to know me better".

I also hate women who are rude to men that toast them.

However, there are exceptions- YORUBA BOYS.

Curve them all you want. I do not care- According to my friend [ friend used loosely here]

Ore can not tuck in her disdain for Yoruba boys.

To be honest. I can, but they just rub me the wrong way.

This post is getting long so I wont tell you guys what happened to me at the event I attened over the weekend.

But how have you guys been?

Work has been slaying me so badly. I can not believe I am saying this BUT I want to go to Abuja man.

I need a break.


Quaggar said…
Pls tell us what happened at the event o... some of us like tatafo.

Always enjoy your posts btw... even though I mostly read and hardly ever comment. That seems to be the norm in blogsvill these days, we all ghosts now.


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