Ex- coworker turned friend sent me a broadcast about how to get a man.

Said ex coworker turned friend knows I have a man, but sent it anyway.

I have no idea what to make of this subliminal message.

Speaking of getting a man.

I have been racking up quite a huge amount of male attention of late.

So much I'm not sure I want to lose weight.

Male attention at the work is just what every female should live for. Swear down. After productivity bonuses its probably the next best thing.

Career satisfaction- what is that? Male attention ensures you sleep better at night and that you wear tighter dresses to work the next day( till HR stops you anyways).

So work is amusing today. Its a day before deadline and my senior is conveniently ill. I'm not even mad. I like the opportunity to learn.

Is it odd that any man who so much as smiles as me is trying to sleep with me?

This will be discussed in detail.


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