Monday, September 17, 2012


In my bid to lose some weight, I decided to boycott some things.

A. RICE- Forget what you heard. Rice is the enemy.
B. LATE NIGHT EATING- No more eating after six.
C. THE LOVER- He is the king of late night eating.
D. SODA- AKA soft drinks/ minerals.
E. MALT- Malt is my liquid kryptonite

And all of this was spurned by the epiphany I had while sitting in that unsanitary Elegushi beach last night.

I attended a wedding over the weekend with my mother.
Some woman ( My mother's co-workers wife) walked up to us and asked if I was her daughter.
She said yes.
The woman said and I quote verbatim " We should be In-laws".

Probably the 3rd marriage proposal I got this weekend.

First was at the club on friday night.

This one nigga- grabbed me and asked for my ring size, on a bended knee.

The other proposal came on sunday- at elegushi.

While Im on the issue of male attention- I was at the gym on sunday, some wretched Senator sent his aide to come and get my number.
Irritated doesn't even begin to cover how disgusted I felt. Including the fact that my body was betraying me by being so lazy.

*makes mental note to visit the gym more frequently*

or at least till after Nengi's wedding.

Femi is gone. While there isn't a gaping hole in my heart. He was around for too short a period.

I miss him to tiny fucking bits! * insert heart wrenching sobs here*

But he gave me the most delicious pair of sunglasses.

For the 1st time, I was reluctant to take them. - AND I AM NEVER RELUCTANT TO TAKE ANYTHING!!!!

Today started off on a beautiful note- Bottle of flower bomb from the mother.
Still undecided about the scent yet. Clearly the universe is not interested in my life long aim to have a particular scent( Chanel chance- incase some one wants to be led by the spirit). Because even the lover who I have told, hinted( subtly and not so subtly) still wont conform.

well free perfume is always welcome on my table.

Sister's birthday was over the weekend. It was a good affair.

I'm starving. I can not wait to get home and eat some more chicken gizzard stir fry.

Ps- I  want healthy food options.- Moi moi and stir fry daily will probably constitute a deficiency.
Pss- My Birthday is coming- I'm thinking about a destination birthday. Gambia?

I need to start saving. I also want to go to dubai. *makes mental note to find travelling friends*

I believe a majority of my life's purpose is to be a world traveller at the expense of a rich significant other.

This makes the occupations I should be considering extremely limited ( they include but are not limited to- House wife, kept woman) actually they are limited to those two.

Im at a happy place in my life right now- Busy season at work is over.

What has been up with you people????

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