Thursday, September 13, 2012

The singledom

My darling.
There is more to life than dating someone.
I suggest learning to be alone.
Enjoy your company- Then you can remind yourself how much you like it when " awon aye"
make stupid comments about not dating.

Plus why would you want to date so soon after a split anyways?

I think you would want to enjoy the freedom and all the space and free time.

So you can go into the studio or do whatever it is you wanted to but couldn't because you-  had to be with the boo.
Space is good. do not let anyone rush you into anything.
At the same time- Do be in a haste to turn away all suitors.
Align the deal breakers- and stick to what you can not deal with.

Have a good time and more sooner than later- Mr " He who shall put a ring shall show up"

- Clearly I am the queen of unsolicited advice.
I swear I need a talk/ reality TV show- these nuggets of wisdom can not go to waste.

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