Tuesday, March 6, 2018


listening non stop to

I love this song.
I love Burna. But this song.
Damn, I love this song.

This book.
It is so good.
I read it into 1am and I am currently sleep deprived but damn. So good.
Please if you are less busy get into this.
If you are super busy.

My time: split between listening to my mum and I'm constantly in awe of how amazing she is. and preparing for exams.

My money: and a lot of it, for my exams.

Time I don't even have: Trying to see if I can squeeze in a mini holiday. ( I know I know)

if this emotional maturity is where it's at. because turns out I'm might be "guarded". whatever that means

Nothing. okay only Eneni's asoebi and sewing it. And a blouse to wear for the traditional wedding.
and I have room for only one more clothing item purchase the whole year.

for actual thorough healing. and the sense not to lie on my stomach when I sleep.

Someone just actually buys me flippin' titanium bar bells.
and sunscreen

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