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So as you guys know.

 I co-habit with Eros ( mainly because lekki traffic humbles me).

And It is not ideal.

Because last week when I got out of the shower, he looked at me a little confused ( think North west confused face)

And asked me - Where are your eyebrows?

I swear to God in heaven I had mentioned to him that I do not have eye brows and I pencil them on.

So I said ( because honesty is supposed to be the best policy in marriage)- I do not have any eye brows.

He said - but I see you with eyebrows every day
Me- because I draw them on
Him- Maybe you should draw them on in the bathroom before you come back to the room
Me- Maybe you should stop talking now.

What is so amusing is that, he seemed so genuinely concerned/ surprised/ slightly amused. Like OMG you actually have no hair let me see.

Gym time is blessing time.

Guess who can not find her sports bra?
Guess who has been wearing ordinary bra to the gym?
Guess went to the gym IN THE EVENING ON A WEEK DAY?

All me- Sprinkles confetti.

So excited for this new fitness journey.

Also Trainer at the gym saw my ring yesterday * cue random out burst of happiness*

It still surprises me at how excited other people get about me getting married.

I mean.

Anyway that is one there on its own.

My jeweller cancelled the first appointment we made but scheduled to monday. Fingers crossed this works out.

Also one of my friends who is a miner- gifted me a precious stone.

You guys I am dying of excitment. RING GAME ON 1000.
Trying to get Eros to do an co with ring color.

That being said I wanna go to dubai at month end for 5 days.

I know I know; I am always travelling But it brings me so much Joy and happiness AND I have never been to dubai ever.

And I'm just generally excited plus I am loosing weight and I am going for another wedding which means I need to make a dress and OMG!

Pss- My nails are prefection. Everyone thinks they are fake. #pause these babies are real

Side bar- Rick ross got engaged. 

Lowkey sober. I really like Rick Ross.


mizchif said…
Wait, you've never been to Dubai? And i thought i was the last one, before i went 2yrs ago.
Meanwhile she how you're "coming down" inspite of your sme sme, now imagine if you become fully dedicated.
Lol @ Eros reaction. Its always super amusing to me how clueless guys are bout women and their beauty struggles. Like me and my "instant hair" situation, dude is like but u had hair when u sent me a picture earlier. And i'm like is that why you're here?

P.s: Stop living in sin.

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