Monday, May 18, 2015

Wedding Dress shopping

Today I yelped " bridal stores close to me"

found one, called in, made and appointment and went there.

I popped into the mall close to me before I went to do a bit of shopping and calm my self.

I walked into the changing room at  H&M ( side bar super excited about the Balmain X HM)

And this woman just starts going off about how pretty I am.

People compliment me often about what I look like. But the honesty and how heart felt this compliment was- I was just floored and thrown off emotionally.

Fastforward to the bridal saloon- And I am glad I chose this saloon

It was small and intimate and the bridal stylist looked at me and said- Your body is AMAZING, we are going to have a good problem fitting you.

And I'm Like OK.

So I pick out a bunch of trumpet dresses.

They fit OK, but meh.

Then I try on the mermaid dresses- Very very very nice.

The bridal stylist then says- Look I know you want all your ex's to DIE

( When she asked me the look I was going for- I said I want ALL my exes to see me and cry blood; and all my husband's exes to see me and ask God why them- for real)

BUT you need to try on this dress- Its a mermaid dress in a 12- slightly big for you but we will clamp with a princess ball gown in the sheerest tulle train.

Children of God
I tried on this dress.

And started getting emotional  ( currently tearing up and I type this)

But as a hard girl, I didn't want to cry,

then two people are walking past the bridal store while I'm looking in the mirror and they pop in and say - OMG you are so beautiful, the dress is so beautiful, you look like a princess.

cue water works.

Ariel my bridal stylist was tactful enough not to mention that I was crying while she fit the veil on.

But Trust Nigerians ( I went with my sister), and she was like - " Ah you are crying, who beat you"


Anyway It was a beautiful dress.

But I did not buy any one since I am just looking around.

I am contemplating going to beverly hills tomorrow to try on some more dresses.

I have a 2pm appointment with a really nice asian designer- So excited about that.

But once I left the bridal saloon, I went to get some mc donalds abeg.

Bridal dress shopping is emotionally draining.

But I am thankful that I am able to experience it with family.

Ps- Pamela you were right; the stylist said she had never seen anyone with that fit ever before.


mizchif said...

Bad guy but you dey cry for wedding dress.
And wait, why did you not take that dress again?

Olamide Amosu said...

Looool trust Nigerians Your sister Lmao

Olamide Amosu said...

Looool trust Nigerians Your sister Lmao


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