Monday, May 4, 2015

Not one to brag BUT...

I could totally be a travel agent.

between my skills and my praying spirit about finding best deals.

case in point- Vegas

I have been thinking and rethinking Vegas because well- It is Vegas and you know how what happens in vegas stays in vegas.

But I booked my ticket to LA and said you know what, worstcase, I will rent a car and drive down- BUT never mind that I do not have a drivers licence.

So I am talking to my host in LA and boom- he is actually driving down to Vegas, Infact since we are a bunch, he would rent an SUV AND DRIVE MY PARTY AND I DOWN TO VEGAS.

I am having heart palpitations right now because- How lucky can I get?

Quite actually- turns out  the weekend I am going is memorial day weekend AND wait for it All the hotels are - ridiculously priced AND the cheap( affordable) ones are all booked to capacity.

Apparently EVERYONE and their dog is coming to Vegas.

Ps- what is memorial day about?

Anyways So I spend ALL  weekend trying to find a place to stay in Vegas in my price range ( to no avail)

And I come to work and open my devotion, and I see that they tell me, you get what you pray and work for, if you believe. The sermon was modeled on the father of the child who was possessed by evil spirits.

fastforward to me saying - OKay you know what God- You have sorted this out all the whole time- it has been you okay, no me all you

Take vegas accomodation and run with it

(ps- I booked a room at a hotel yesterday out of let me noe be stranded pata pata) but it was not my true hearts desire for a hotel.

Fastforward to me saying Okay God I believe and boom I go and find a timeshare on ebay for my exact dates- at the absolute best price. Only because of the ojukoro in my life that I decided to still send message to price.

I am DYING of excitement about this holiday PLUS my partner just approved my leave form


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