Thursday, May 21, 2015

on Partnering

Yesterday I logged on to my office email and saw that I had received my appraisals.

freaking out, I opened them and was mad upset.

Like wth?

Anyways I got one that was so personally scathing. I was like urm. Pause

( now the review had so much venom in it- talking about how I was frustrating to work with; and I was impossible to reach and all that good stuff- I was like whatever)

I also got a few that were super decent, But human nature I clung to the unflattering appraisals.

Fast forward to this morning, I face time my Fiance. And I am lamenting about my reviews

And he is like girl quit complaining- You know you deserve those type of reviews.

You never take her calls ( which is true);

And I am like but I always take my client's calls- ALWAYS.

He said yes AFTER you have ignored her own.

And I am like but she is my friend.

And I think that is what hurt the most- not that the reviews were bad( not really I got a 3/5) BUT we are friends ( or I thought we were)

and he is like no- You aren't friends. If she was your friend she would never do that to you.

Anyways what do you wanna do?

me: I dunno I get to rate her as well.

Him: Then you know what to do

me; But she is my friend.

im: Friendship is two ways girl, quit complaining.

And I am like yah.

Then he said you have other reviews, so whats up with that? and I'm like man they were so ace.

Then he said so strop stressing but you know HR may have to call you in to ask you whats up with that one bad reviewer,

And I'm like I know.

And we just start laughing

And getting married doesn't seem so scary at all.

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