Thursday, June 26, 2014


I became passive agressive.

I hated it.

It was not working for me. I like conflict, I think it's always better to address issues than to allow them fester.

Also I find that, people will indulge passive agressiveness as long as there is no fight.

So I reverted and became agressive again.

Life is much easier now that I can say what I mean ( diplomatically) without burdening anyone with the gift of

mind reading.

I do this for other people really [ insert your heart felt  thank you here] and not because I honestly believe

way is the best way most times.

Back to working weekends, and I'm just like ahhhh.

Some co-workers think I dress like I am not an auditor but a screen goddess.

I tell them from their lips to God's ears.

I have decided I want to be on the radio now. You know. even with my acute laryngitis.

I swear people do not even notice anymore what I sound like.

And this just means people really never notice.

When I was growing up- I hated my legs[ going through my instagram you would never have guessed]

Anyways I had this scar from surgery on my left patella [ which managed to get infected, thank you QCY] and I never wore short clothes, EVER.

Which is probably why I over dose now. LOL, Can stop, wont stop and all that jazz.

So Maybe podcasts? then actual radio? but only at night with alternative music because- Paid employment said no for day time frolicking.

Anyways I am thankful the weekend is Almost here, Thankful for good friends, and Thankful for the confidence to be agressive when the need arises.

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