Three things.

I had an amazing holiday. I was worried that being a solo traveller would have me reading my books on my iPad,tweeting, writing long posts in my journal and finding my center while holding a downward dog and watching the sun set  above the ionian seas and blah blah blah.

Fortunately I was pleasantly dissapointed. Lets just say I was waaay to turnt to even consider any of the activities I planned. However, I got so sun burnt- i am now considering bleaching my face.

Children everything they said about sun screen is true.


My graduation went well. Much better than I expected. My mother although pleased is yet to present me with a graduation present.
I also realized how important the day was for her.
On this trip the value of friendship was further emphasized and I promise to make more effort, maintaining friendships, and you know being a friend to those who are friends to me.


Holidays are expensive.

I just looked at my account balances. and I am thankful I exercised restraint and did not buy that DKNY bag that was almost 50% off at harrods in duty free. :(

I know I said three but

People live a little. Live is too short to spend it all in the rat race. I was privileged to observe how the citizens of the Island where I visited lived, and OMG, I was so surprised at how simple their lives were.

So damn simple- made me wonder, what really are we working for?

I will definitely go on more holidays. alone or with more people. It makes little or no difference to me.

I regret coming back to Nigeria so much last year, when I could have traveled the whole of Europe and seen the world. none the less, it is never to late, so cut back on the excesses and start living your life- How you truly want.

Last thing. coming back to work made me realize how much I might want to be a lady of leisure but how hard it might be for me to do that.

LOL. I like having a purpose. I might get some( okay maybe a lot) of validation from what I do, for a living.

And I am truly thankful for the opportunity to do what I do.

I wish everyone a fulfilling week ahead and I hope you all are happy.


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