Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My best friend.

last night i was having dinner with the lover and his brother,and i dont know how the issue of best friend came up BUT it did.

anyhoos the lovers brother decided to share why he doesnt have and would never have a best friend. enjoy.

i was in primary 5 blue and my best friend F was in 5 red, although there was thia my guy in 5 blue called B. who was my class guy but not my best friend. then that day everyone was supposed to write a composition, abi comprehension, its composition i chipped in. ehn composition, so that is how i hadnt started when B came to show me his own, he wrote about me. however my best friend was F in primary 5 red,i didnt know wat to do, this was the biggest dilemma of my life.


now i do not subscribe to the school of thought of best friend ship, but heey watever lets u sleep in peace at odd hours.

any ways i thought and thought of what to do when i finally decided to write about..... wait for it JESUS.

and the 3 of us almost died of laughter. too funny. i dont understand whats there in being best friends with someone who you arent their best friend.
i think its ok. but then again what do i know? asides the magic of excel sheets?

but in primary 5 i would have chosen someone and not picked Jesus.
then apparently the essay went something like this
Jesus is my Best friend, he wakes me up in the morning, he teaches me the bible.

like really? really?

so no i dont have a best friend, but im sure if i did i'd say either my mum or the Lover. lolz and that is just too damn cliche.

anyways whats been up with yall?
any better?
work is beginning to take on dementor traits men. had 2 lie 2 my boss my brother was sick so i could close by 4pm today. hopefully he'll fall for it.
*fingers crossed*

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