Monday, February 7, 2011

Strong ting.

Im listening to my Ipod. Its been churning out all these sex songs all day.
Like its trying to tell me something. Im not listening. I have no idea how those songs even got on.
Any ways so im here lying in bed. And pretty wings by Maxwell comes on.
This is my JAM.
So im excited and singing and prancing around like a wet rat inside water. Then the song ends. *Sigh*

Strong thing came on. I actually have it on repeat as i blog this...
It reminds me of someone, from past. Someone who i think of now and *chuckle*
So yea Diddy you crossed my mind today.
I cant even remember why i cut him off. Im sure it was for the best.
I wisy him and his the best. He turned out to be one of the nicest things i found on the internet.
And for that, i am grateful.
#np on repeat Strong ting BankyW.

Along with scents, songs trigger memory.   and no it wasn’t our song :P
Lol i just changed the song and gongo aso by 9ice came on. I feel a strong urge to delete this post.
Ok back 2 work. Toodles. :*

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