Thursday, February 17, 2011


1ssst kudos to girls that fix thier nails.

i dont know how yall live with this ish. i cant type, cant pick my nose, i cant scratch my lovers back. urgh. what is up with that?

anyhoos. im glad Arsenal won the game yesterday.:) very excited. it was such a good game.

the Lover supports arsenal. :)

moving on. i have a dilemma.
you see i have this co-worker. that can not speak english to save his life.
as a matter of fact i find this spoken english offensive. and ive tried and tried to assist but his persona doesnt make it easy.

he is uncouth as well. chews like a goat, chewing the cud. drinks water like someone sucking frozen super yogo from a pin sized hole. you know sound effects and all.

like wth?
now im not the most composed person but this Dude i really wonder how he got this job. *side eye* to the interviewers.

i think spoken english and presentation should be one of the main factors when employing someone.

anyways enough of the rant, ive noticed that my boss enjoys giving me most of the work to do. so basically i do, my portion.HIS portion, then my Bosses portion.

can someone say slave trade.

anyhoos im contemplating sending him some finishing school links you know so he can better himself and all that.

not like i care or anything. just that ive seen disadvantaged people pick themselves up and rise.

anyhoos back 2 work.

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