Friday, February 4, 2011

Wrong in all the Right ways

i Cant find the appropriate word to describe exactly how i feel.
i havent written anything, anywherein months.
been erratic with my blogging, my Journals are so scanty.
the Lover receives no more Love letters.

but despite working from 5:30am till late to meet (a rather absurd) deadline.
i am thankful.

supportive family friends and even more supportive Lover.
*pauses to mute tv*
music in this generation is tres shitty.

which brings me to another issue.

WTF is up with Girls from well to do homes wanting to be video girls?
i mean i get the need 2 be in the lime light and all that, but cammaan isnt prancing around half naked a tad bit too much?

call me prude, Judgemental, overtly Moral. but we need to be careful, i dunno about you BUT i dont want to look back at my life and see myself half naked dancing around on tv with strange men.

whats even more ludacris about this whole situation is that this seems 2 be some sort of acomplishment. im confused.

luckily for me i have no one in my life who chooses to indulge in such foolery.

because u can be sure i'll cut u off asap.

now seeing as im in a better mood i may as well just say what has been up with me.

I passed my exams. yay me.
Got the job i wanted.

turns out i sold my soul to the devil. today work started at 5.30am.

and ended at about 8pm. by ended i mean i shut down. we were at work till much later. i was just faffing around pretending 2 look busy.

i dont have a choice tho, i have 2 work as i have refused 2 do aristo. i gatta work.

im Home Sick.

My aunty is getting married next week. im Nervous as hell. i cried during her traditional wedding. just thinking about her getting married gets me teary eyed.

like she Practically Raised me and all that. she taught me how to cook, clean and what not. i can NOT believe she is actually leaving. *wails*

all good things do come to an end shaaa.

i know this is such a shoddy post and all that. when i have time. imma put my back into it and blog proper.

and how the hell did i not know that Miss Nicki ( fake ass) Minaj had a new single?

i totally LOVE the song. talk about perfect lyrics. i still hate Nicki tho, urgh.

i need 2 crash now. before i have 2 get back 2 work.

#np Right thru me.

ps the song i muted during this post" wacka floka" no hands. how ironic ur name is WAKA. and u r singing about no hands. i just had 2 mute it.


Xabi (in my mind this is my name) said...

LOL! Ode! And its 'ludicrous' not 'ludacris'

Anonymous said...

it's been a while...hopefully you start blogging more now..

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