Friday, March 11, 2011


its been a while now, ive been saying i was going to blog i had soooo much to blog about.

1st. my homie Oye Boom Boom took me for LPM. :o. im shocked. or rather was shocked at the ridiculous prices of most of the stuff.

like what is up with sewing a jump suit and selling it N28k? that is TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND NAIRA. For those who werent too sure.

mind u this jump suit was made of ankara.

now maybe i am a cheap skate o. i dunno BUT its never that serious.
anyhoos i bought some cute black zip accessory, i saw and loved. im yet to wear it tho.

moving on. monday came and i got to work only to find that i was posted to abuja. like the hell tho. since i started work all my jobs have been one kind. anyways na so i pack my load.

the lover hates the job already. but wont let me come and see him in Lagos for the weekend. and he wont come too. work is a female dog. and i hate being soo grown.

anyways this job is nothing like my last job. for one, my clients are horny italian bastards.

that being said, it seems like i was asked on this job to pacify my clients. who have had men sent here in the last four years of this job.

either that OR i have a huge FUCK ME sign on my forehead. because i can not understand how everyone here is hitting on me. im not even hot.:(

and in as much as i love the attention, its freaking me out. urgh.

my clients keep asking me out randomly, to go swimming or to dinner or watever.

i keep stating VERY clearly that i have a lover but they seem to be hearing something else. *sigh*

the job is sooo voluminous. its moving so freaking slowly i just want to go home and have dinner with the lover. just dinner tho.

yay lent is here. this year im fufiling all righteousness and im fasting for 40days. im excited because i never ever get it done im such a food monger. anyways since the food here is nasty i may as well. plus its a new diet regime. lol. i kid. its not easy. but i think i can make it work. im also praying seriously that i finish.

i attended COZA. on sunday i love the church. will def go back. started in illorin and has done so well. i have a thing for wilderness churches sha.

my new snr hates me and thinks im spoilt. he also didnt invite me to last years workspace so everything i do, im doing from scratch and making a loooot of mistakes, its ok sha, we live and learn everyday.

asides all this im alive and thankful. i cant wait to be home tho, there is really no place like home. *tapping my red shoes*

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