Monday, March 28, 2011

My mother.

Why I love my mother. #pause.

I can't even begin to express my love for her. Or how or why I love her. My Mother is the Modern day super-woman image men have in their heads that feminists on twitter hate.
And I'm not joking.
Growing up I did not understand her strength but once I got a job, I realised how strong and beautiful she was.

I remember when my father left and we had nothing. And by Nothing I mean Nothing. She was a full time house wife(by his demands) so she had no job, no source of income no nothing. But I remember her paying our fees every term without delay. I remember her baking us birthday cakes every birthday to take to school, I remember her doing everything possible to make us forget she was a single parent.

I remember her not attending any owambes because she said she had only money for her children. For a loooong time I remember my Mother constantly sacrificing to make sure we were content. I remember her dragging us to church as children for any practise possible. Choir, acting drama. All sorts.

And lawwd I remember her never beating us, BUT delegating that duty to the gate man. Who did not spare the rod. Mothers day is on sunday. And even though I had as many tongues as I had strands of hair on my head, it would not be enough for me to thank God for making me her daughter.

My mother is someone whose life story I can't not divulge all the details but she is one of the most beautiful people in this world. Ask the people around her. She is a rare dying breed of human beings. Everyday I watch her and I pray to God to please let me half the woman she is. If I turn out to be a quarter of the person she is. I'll die happy.

Anyway as I was saying, she keeps the home, cooks a MEAN pot of stew jollof rice and everything you can think off, she has a proper job in the stressful banking sector, she is chairman of her women society in church, she has 2 graduates as daughters... And she can change a flat tyre. Coupled with the fact that she does NOT have a husband. My mother today with the person she is, has defied all natural laws of progression. And I know it is the grace of God on her life.

I love my mother most of all, because she gives me advice no one else gives me. I've heard people say things like" trying to explain to my parents never work out" pele o.
My Mother may scream and rant and Rave BUT with good reason. My friends who know my mother are constantly in awe of how much she has done with so little she was given.

My mother has given me a different edge to view life in general. My mother told me and I would never forget" Money will come, don't sell yourself and don't compare your self" and I have never looked back and not appreciated it more.

When I failed my exams in May last year, my Mother was excited that I passed 3 papers. And was livid that I was crying that I failed one. She told me I was ungrateful and she will always be proud of me.
The reason I probably love my mother the most of all, is her spirit of generosity. Even when she doesn't have, she gives.

I really really really pray she gets all her heart desires.
I love her so much, it hurts.

Happy mothers day in advance mummy.

I know its sunday, but because I may have no time then. *work suxx*

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Yewande said...

Lovely post, story of my life. *sigh* May God continue to keep her for you. :-)

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