Thursday, December 16, 2010


now Normally due to past relations with certain people, i try my most possible best to refrain from meeting/ making friends on the internet

** read internet as Twitter.

any ways a few people have managed to pull thru this my screening process. like my Iyawo R for instance. but no today isnt about her.

its about someone who i was able to talk to when i had no one.

lets call her yellow sisi.

anyways yellow sis really came through for me during one of my nervous breakdowns.*

* nervous breakdown is the decent version of what really happened.

any ways so today i was supposed to meet up with YS.

i had a little procedure that i had to attend to and YS had opted to show up for Moral suppport. i needed all the moral support.

unfortunately YS didnt show up and we were meant to meet up somewhere else.

thats how i was at shop TS. and YS said she was on the street but was going to PM to get gloves and thats how i was waiting.

waiting ooo

and still waiting.

thats how i said wth lemmie even go and look her her. mind you i have never met YS face to face ( tho ihave a vauge idea what she looks like)
so i was trekking searching for my YS despite very unfavourable weather conditions i persevered.

20 mins later my phone just freezes. i cant hola. she is calling me.

its not ringing on my end.

im calling her and getting voicemail.

weather is getting worse.


i was totally unhappy.

i was actually pissed off
after sending like a million bbm messages to her.

i eventually decided to call and drop a voicemail. telling her im heading home AND. that she should head home too. sad times.

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