Monday, December 6, 2010


i am excited.

because i'm going to see my friend who i haven't seen in ages.

im also worried he will condemn my life with the lover.

but everyone has an opinion i have the final say.

im on vacation. it has been beautiful.

im away with my sister, who i don't get along with, and amazingly we have managed not to get into any fights.

i am thankful because my mum keeps saying we are embrassing her.

not like i mind tho.

but Paris was special it was supposed to be mine. and my mum said i had 2 have my sister with me.

im not mad anymore, a tiny part of me is beginning to accept her. for who she is. and how she acts and all that.

offcourse i miss the lover- this goes without saying.

but im thankful for the time apart from him.

we are so close, gosh i may as well be his sister. ok scratch that. that's incest and thats just nasty. but you get my point

** i know how odd it seems that while everyone wants 2 be with their SO forever, im thankful for time apart?? i cant understand it. because i miss him to little little bits and at the same time, im happy we have a little distance.

i passed my first ever job test.

this is such a huge deal for me. because its a job i always wanted. its close to home. and quite frankly it means my days of failing exams are over.

especially as i was torn between Ican and Gmat texts.

im worried about what my Ican result will be. i know im going to pass, but i wonder why im worried.

i need to learn to be anxious for nothing.

i really miss the lover.

i bought a new camera. because my little cousins in NY said i am the most beautiful girl they have ever seen.

i havent taken any picture yet. not one.

children are amazing.

for a long time i didnt want kids, but after spending time with them. oooohhh i want little girlies :)

i have OD'd on this song -----> hey soul sister.

my home girl won the underground comeptition!! yay her. im sooo excited for her.

i get overtly excited when people that can do stuff actually go out and make it happen.

my mum is having a super 50th birthday once i get home.

i just realised that i may have to move out of my house. with the way all the guests are flocking over.

if there is anything my family has taught me, its that i should never marry a man with a large extended family.

that is one mistake i will not make. ever. my family is large and stressful. i love them, but i wonder if i would love someone elses family as much.

i hate dramatic people. i also loathe people who have problems with me and then run off and tell a third party. it irritates me to the core of my very being.

i think im overtly obsessed with myself.
** read self as waist line and ass.

i havent worked out in ages. i think i'll get a trainer back. i have a wedding in feb

and i think i'd love to fit into a size 8 dress.

i really should be able to write stuff i really want to on my blog.

but i worry that 8 years from now when i make partner, they will come to haunt me.

i want to go out. in 2007 to reloaded. and dance on the tables. and give my shoes to the boy watching me dance.

and get very drunk and dutty wine with my friends and just wild out and not have anyone tweet about it the next day.

or take pictures and put them on thier "gossip blogs" and run degratory commentary.

i miss the days when life was easy.

i long for those days when to kiss aboy in he club, you had to be veeery drunk or be verrry hidden.

i read my journal sometimes.

RIP Taiwo Akibayo.

i want that era of night life back, before the fanta babes and gossip bloggers/fashion police.

i wish someone would do something about a phone allowed club.or am i being dramatic? maybe.

ps. i need ideas on what to get my Lovers Mother.
im such a generic gift giver. i send/buy people cakes religiously on thier birthdays.

ask Debo. lol

speaking of which. i miss Debo.
his birthday is around the corner.
his last birthday party *blush* i dont think i'll ever be allowed to forget what happened.

but i wish him all the best this year.

i need to do a half year report. and its looking like an A+ this year end.

2010 was such a good year for me.

i was/am blessed wayy beyond what i deserve.

and i am thankful.



Anonymous said...

hey, it's amazing I've been ff ur blog for a while and I think I follow you on twitter.

Two things about ur blog. Silence and peace, that's what I get here. Great!

pro said...

Nice blog! I like your writing way. I'm doing practice GMAT here: . I hope it's useful for GMAT test takers.

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

awww thank you!!! @thefish whats your twitter handle?

@pro bless your soul sweets, im done with the tests tho!


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