Monday, December 20, 2010


i keep reading my older blogposts.

this is something i'd never admit to myself.
but seeing as this is a blogi mean i can write on viewsi do not really agree wit.

anyways back 2what i was saying.

having a Lover, has made me a happier person.

i cant explain it.butthats the truth.

and iyama i have chapped lips and a huge pimple on my face.

i haveno facialproducts with me :'(

i really enjoy reading. i miss reading with the lover.

well more like to him.

im saying a prayer for As.

my resultiscoming out on the 23rd.

im really trying not to think aboutit.

i really need to start registering for ACCA.

and applyingfor masters. and getting geared for a real job.
you know i see people going on and on and icant help but give thanks to how great 2010 was. it was a fabulala yr mayne!!!!

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Anonymous said...

'i really enjoy reading. i miss reading with the lover.'

Reading with someone else's always fun, be it a niece, son or even friend.


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