Wednesday, December 9, 2015

on general updates

I am better now.

No more upset/crying/depressed.

so many good things have happened to me.

I just have no choice but to be thankful.

I'm working through the holidays as always.

But in VI- can you believe it?

I am so super excited.

I'm so happy for 2016. In advance in faith.

work is good. Life is good. My waist line is snatched.

My ass is lifted.

My skin is clearing.

My work table is cleared. Like I'm going to celebrate Xmas with no work hanging over my head.

Off course I am relived.

I feel the urge to publish my Xmas wish list- Since I did not do a birthday wish list.

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Loura Dominic said...

There is nothing worse than getting bothered while the game is on. Especially by a nagging boyfriend. I'm going to show this winy bitch boy who's boss with a massive face sitting!

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