Tuesday, November 24, 2015


or sitting unpretty.

I absolutely feel like my life is going to shit right now.

No jokes.

Someone stole from me.

Some who I lent money is being shifty.

AND I have shit to do with money.

I can not move house-because theft.

my car is bad, and I cant change it because- theft

And there are only so many " we regret to inform you emails" regarding my current job search

that I can take.

Plus I'm broke.

but that is mostly my fault.

20k dinners, 11:11 day ali express sales and this delicious charles keith purse I bought this month.

Plus I have generally been reckless with money.

Normally I do not stress about money( well more than usual), but i am just literally freaking out

Looking at my December expenses and my current income. and my holiday plans for 2016.

I think I need to grow up.

And I do not think I am interested in growing up.

It's just tuesday and I honestly do not see how this week is going to getbetter.

( lies- SALARY  is due friday)..

I'm just generally grossly irritated.

because I'm slowly getting to the point where I will take a pay cut to move jobs.

but check this- no one wants to hire me.

I have one offer on the table. BUT- It is not what I even see my self doing.


But I am feeling like it maybe my only option.

It is higher pay ( BUT probably shitter hours and ZERO travelling opportunites)

And do I really want to trade my happiness for more money?
Right now?


Also I'm left with no option than to explore EFCC for my theft situation.

Friends please stop stealing from me. there are so little of you left in my life.

AND; you know I am petty AF.

Randomly I would not even budge about going to the police regarding the theft

but let me tell you, I have been cheated on before.

The pain of a friend stealing money you do not even have from you?


Like my heart literally broke when I found out.


having to resume at Ikoyi to sort out those forms.
were horrible.

And you know what is even more horrible?

Everybody has left me out to dry.

Obviously I can not go into details BUT

It is a harrowing experience.

Like in my worst nightmares- I would not even have seen this coming.

And even worse i'm not allowed to talk about it.

It is horrible. I wake up thinking about it. I have dreams about it.

I am distraught. Literally and I do not know what to do or how to go about fixing my life.

rather this issue in my life.


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