Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yet another update

I'm literally in the middle of a shit storm,
but I am okay, taking it one step at a time.

Letting tomorrow deal with it's self.

This Xmas and I'm literally going to have to make an actual physical list of things I'm thankful for


Been totally lusting after these "Balogun Tee's"

Because Balmain is cost and y'all know I rep balogun market to the T in represent.

And I really want to give myself something for christmas.

Two- I thought of getting matching Tee's for my Husband & I- LOL.

I feel like I should speak more about my husband and the kind of person he is so that all my readers collectivelly can laugh with me about how I am over reaching.

My nails and hair are currently inspiring serious envy.

Honestly I get the hair- because these Edges are from the Most high.

But the nails- Like any monsurat can give you stick on with super glue in less than 10 minutes for a full 10 fingers ( and toes- if you have bleached your's and you are okay showing them off)

I have pepperfruit like toes
Image result for nigerian pepper fruit


and cheesy feet. I cringe when people talk about toe sucking during sex like please-

My boobs are sufficient for this.

lets not suck any thing below the knees.

Speaking of below the knees. I am currently looking for a non invasive way to shave my legs.

without a blade/shaving stick and without the struggle of shaving cream and none of the pain of waxing.

My hair is fabulous.

I do not think you heard me. MY WEAVE IS FABULOUS.

I may have struck ali-express gold with this purchase.

metaphorically speaking. All my frog kissing finally gave me a prince- that everyone now wants a piece of.

No issues; I share my contact. No shame in my game.

I also entered the ultimate beauty box give away here and look I am holding out on getting  my nails done

Till after I win.

*speaking in faith because church going baby girl*

Also really holding out because wanna use the Vane nail polish in the box.

pss- Also looking forward to the maybellin powder as well ( hope we get our shade o)

cacao-ing here I come

I have a wedding on saturday. going to start meal prepping against today and tomorrow.

with what you ask?

well- I thought you would never ask-

Starting to feel like Xmas eh?

I think that is what I really like about paid employement. The rice in December.

Also everyone at work keeps asking what I'm doing because my stomach has apparently gone in
and my shape has come out

I want to lie and tell them its the marathon legal sex I'm having but because xtain- I am on a strict diet as well as 3 a week work outs plus every night I do burpees.

At least 20 before I sleep.

strong armed someone who isnt my husband to buy me a polar watch and looking back maybe I should have got a fit bit instead.

Hmnn- Awoof dey run belle or nah?

Off to the gym.

Slighty upset Sir Shina peters wont be at Afropolitan BUT excited in advance of all the orishirishi accents I would be subject too.

Ps- lost some weight in my fingers.

Guess how campaign like my ring looks?


Love eet.

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