Friday, October 2, 2015

Super woman and all that good stuff

Went back to the treadmill today.

With a knee brace. 15 minutes on the incline at 6km/hr


no one can tell me ANYTHING.


and put in my 90 sit ups today.


Some times I feel like a fraud.

Like I am actually going to look at houses.

To live in, with a man, who is going to be my husband.

It feels surreal.

Like I will wake up one day and someone will tell me I stole someone (more deserving's) dream

and even worse I have to give it back.

Ps- This is not me saying I do not deserve good things. but this year has been a bit too legitimately amazing for me.

And if anyone has done nothing to even bring all these. It is me.
I must have been super good in my past life.

Trust me.

LG- Life's might good now.

On getting married; I think its really weird how people can never really be honest about it with you.

Like because we are stuck in a culture of speaking badly about our husbands; Older women's hands are tied when giving you examples.

I am not being delusional into thinking marriage is easy or all fluff.

I know its hard work- But you know what else is hard work- getting a masters degree

and there are a 1001 templates and cookie crumbs to follow.

Now there are more married women than masters degree holders; can someone explain to me why all I'm getting is just be praying; There is nothing God can not do.

Please can married women do more Tell ALL'S?

And I'm not talking about marital infidelity. I'm talking about co-habitting struggles.

Because I do not know if you people know this but - Totally clueless.

Enough about marriage.

Four other things.

-I hate women who never allow people to drink water drop cup before chipping in my husband.

Like husband is a $100 bill in social currency in Nigeria ( probably is)
worst part- I am about to morph into one of those my husband will not like it women.
( Stop I'm still judging myself)

-How expensive is getting married.

Quite. Very expensive. I might be sleeping on my mattress on the floor in my matrimonial home because bed frame in Lagos costs N150,000.

And it is not even a guaranteed good nights sleep because: Lagos traffic

-Please who is the Local government chairman in Ikoyi?

the roads are fucking deplorable.

Like its fucking Ikoyi- please get your shit together. Thanks

-Is there a school where Nigerian artistes go and get their lyrics.
They are actually something else.
Currently watching  HIP TV lyrics show and look

We are all collectively in trouble as Nigerians regarding the quality of the lyrics; I promise.

I know I said four ( but when do I ever keep it at 4?)

I saw the bodyguard yesterday with Whitney & Kevin and OMG. ALL THE FEELS.

ps- why are you creatives crazy?
 Like why are all of you collectively crazy? Men and women?

it is so damn surreal how crazy creatives are. they are really really really crazy people.


I used to be a flipping social butterfly.

Like So chirpy and having a calender so full of events.

And having friends come through my house all the damn time.


its surreal and unfair abeg.

And When ever I have enough guts to confront my friends about it- They hit me wit that


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