Monday, October 26, 2015

Nobody has to know

Three things:

I wear black on mondays' to mourn the weekend.

I did not go to Dubai. But my husband went- So much for two becoming one.

I have my next holiday planned abeg.

I'm going to Gambia, to eat fish and watch SATC from season one sipping moscato and have nobody affi know type sex.

Why did I just come across this song by Kranium?


But raises two trains of thoughts in my head.


Do Jamaican men actually fuck women this graphically?

Or is it just in the music as an export? ( think how the theme of Nigerian music is pangolo)

Are these girls, who you can detect their freakiness by looking in their eyes a thing?
What girls you ask?
The one's who open down the pole like a stripper, with pussy popping on a hand stand type girls that these Jamaican men sing about.

If yes

How does one morph into one of these girls?

And If No,

How does one become the first of these girls?

Ps: There are two nicer remix's but just like pringles; I prefer the original.


I am sorry. I need us to collectively stare into the greatness that would be TY dollar $ign's eyes.

Because I am a good person.

Time stamp in video: 1:46, 1:50, and 1:56.

Pss: the way he looks at her in 1:56&1:57 is everythinggggg.

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mizchif said...

Yes, yes and yes.
Those girls do exist. I like to think I'm one of them. But I've met some so I know I'm still a learner. I mean I need more practice and I'm kinda rusty lately but.......ya.
And how are u just getting aware of this song?

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