Friday, October 16, 2015

And on the Nth day

Oreoluwa got married!

Well Legally anyway. You can unclutch your weaves now

There is still a party to be had.

And I can swear by this because - MY MOTHER, showed me up at my registry.

She  had asked if She could invite people- I said No. " My husband and I" ( ps- LOVE the H-word)

would be wanting something small and intimate.

I invited no one because- I mean it's registry and It was a monday and what have you.

My mother ( AND MOTHER IN LAW) *side eyes both of them*


I'm not joking.

also had a reception party at the house- That did not end till 12 mid night.

As you can see the battle can never be won. So I'm bowingoutgracefully

Mummy you can have this one.

*IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER- asides the first one*

Thankful to God- I keep saying this ( in real life not blog life obv) BUT I do not think marriage was on my landscape; I had some what resigned my fate to this baby girl life of spoiling other people's children and having my own space and generally NOT getting married.

For the strangest reason.

Which is probably why -EVERYONE kept saying I was being waay too logical about the whole thing.

Still feel's like it's someone else's life- BUT in the best possible way.

so God thank you. For giving me the gift of marriage.

Plus This whole marriage thing HAS BEEN SUCH A STRUGGLE.

from family tussles; to drama with my mama; to Friction with my brother in laws.

Look this journey has been LONG and arduous.

And finally we get here. In one piece. So much to be thankful for really.

And in no particular order:

My momma and Mother in law, both of you are bae's respectively. thank you both. God's blessings forever and ever.

My cousin Oni- Amazing MUA. came through ALL the way from festac to beat my face- Thank you.

My siblings including but not limited to- my mothers siblings as well.

My aunt who flew in all the way from landin town for the registry

her husband who gave me a ticket To DXB because he missed the registry

All my aunt's friends who came through and dashed me money

My friends who came through , Chioma, Doyin, Kris, Jade, Yetunde,Ope.
Ps- you people are stars. But next time come with present.
pss- You guys can use my birthday to make up.
But from the bottom of my heart thank you

Lekeeee! photgo. of Laive. Thank you.  I hope they are not angry at you again

To ALL my family. I am amazed at how much all of you have done for me.

And I'm just going to let go and be chill re-all the other wedding celebrations.

Finally my Husband *eek* I can not believe I get to call you that in this life. I am truly thankful.
because we have the oddest love. But it is our's none the less.

Ps: people keep calling me Mrs *redacted*
And I keep telling them. Thats my mother in law

Please my name is Ore.

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