Friday, March 23, 2012

Holiday-ing and Other cool stories

Today I visited the gym.

I hadn't been there in so long, it was amusing.

Luckily for me I didn't faint or anything remotely interesting.

I just noticed the turn out of the boys/men at the gym had really increased in the morning.


Might have to start drawing on my eye brows.

I mean I'd hate for anyone to see me without them, except the old fat wrinkly women there who have tattooed on brows.

I felt so great afterwards. My newest feel good song is " ALL the way" by Timaya.

I could totally take on the world and not break into a sweat.

Tonight I'm having friends over. and I'm so excited.

I ALSO. went online shopping again yesterday.

I swear I'm in serious trouble.

I have no idea when this madness is going to blow over.

I found the perfect dress for my friends wedding.

now all that is left is the perfect shaper.

I'm currently looking at body magic.

I have been looking for almost a year now and I'm dropping kgs like its going outta fashion.

That being said Oyinkan is Amazeballs.

What did she do?
I'll tell you next week.

But for now, Lets just say I'm interested in actively selling her market.

and to think I met her on the Twitter streets.

real diamond in the mud that one.

To other cool stories.

I have been yakking the Lover to head out to the gym since I can remember.

About 3 weeks ago, he started going to the gym.

and now he is a devoted treadmill worshipper.

How devoted?

yesterday he cancelled our Dinner plans. for the gym.

because he missed his Wednesday workout and decided to make it up with Thursday.

But Thursday was our pre-planned dinner date of almost 2 weeks.

Yes he knew that, but He couldn't just miss the gym.

And he knows I understand.

What I understood was that I had to eat microwaved jollof rice from the fridge.
after I don set belle for better Chinese dinner.

Cool story over.

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