Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Listening non stop to

Baby all these nights
I've struggled and fought my pride
scared that someone your type
couldn't see past my flaws.


Kitchen confidential,
It's a tell all that Anthony Bourdain wrote. The first and arguably the best of  the 20 something books he wrote.


about a lot of things. 

Top of the list is if I want to continue fraternizing with someone I know who does drugs ( recreationally)

- about if I should retake these exams, because preparation is so time consuming.

-If I should get a brazilian this week OR wait till next month when my wax girl comes in from 
- of what color of nail polish to get done.


-Answered prayers from God.

My home girl had this issue and I had prayed and prayed and prayed and I put it on my list for halleluyah challenge and prayed ehn. Today she messaged me that it had come through. RELIEF.

My other friend had been writing ICAN forever, literally.  Today too, she told me she had passed the exams. I was so happy.

- My potential booty call on friday.
- Waste his time wednesday (issa movement)
- My new role, I actually really like it. I'm working. I mean teething problems with my boss but never have I been happier to over promise and leave them to take what they get like that. :)

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