Thursday, January 23, 2014

Obligatory new year post

Obviously I should have updated you guys on what my plans are.
But sometimes I worry about over-sharing.
LOL- Im sure that sounds funny with all the sharing I do on here, you'd be surprised to find that I have many more things I fail to share.

Then I realize that you people here are my friends too. :)
I've had a good amount of people hola from here, and send me messages when i'm away or when they figure something is not right so, I have been a shit friend to those people.

Anyways, I am back to sharing.
I intially planned to wrote about how shit 2013 was for me as a year.

Probably the most emotionally intense year for me.

Then I had to deal with child hood friends constantly back-stabbing.

Too much pain in 2013.

Even worse, I had to deal with all of this alone AND my "supposed" support system I assumed I had built. Failed to come through for me.

So yes, if I have significantly distanced myself from you- You fucked up last year.

And because it taught me to be a bigger person, I wont name names.

Either ways, 2013 was academically pleasing.
I found solace in learning. I had nothing else to do- but at least pass at school.

Which I did- ended the academic year with a good number of A's. None of which were by my power I assure you.

I learnt to ask for help, I found that it was okay to be a pest when you need something. Think woman with the issue of blood and Jesus.

I found out how "surprisingly" unforgiving I could be. And how concrete blood relationships are.

So much support from my family last year. Immense, and totally undeserved because I had spent a lot of time and invested emotions into my " friends that were supposed to become family". But blood so thick it over looks that shit.

Thankful for family.

No my sister is not my best friend yet, but I am at peace with the WIP ( work in progress) relationship that we have. I am obviously now( thank God its not too late) investing in that one, and thus far the pay off has been amazing.

My mother remains my super woman. All her children are lucky she raises us.

Then I went home for Summer, I got an internship and worked my ass off.
I was pleased with how amazing the summer was.

I went on a bunch of dates. And concluded that men are generally the same with different faces.

And sometimes different names.

( No I'm not a lesbian yet)- just coming to terms with how " the same" men are.

When you date someone for such a long time, you expect other men to be different- only to find that all of them have only one penis. Such a huge disappointment.

-side bar, I hear there is a man with two. Someone send him my way. LOL jk.

Then Christmas came, I bought lots of presents for everyone back home and packed my load and went home.

I spent Christmas at The Gambia with my family and it was so so beautiful.

We usually go to the village but this year strong armed my mother into a proper vacation.

I had never seen her so rested.

I'm sure she was secretly glad.

Came back to Lagos and turned the hell up.

This year was a year of firsts for me.

It was my first free December in Ages. I was not working- so I could sleep all day and party all night and that's what I did.

I also attended such a huge number of weddings, Oh Gosh You people need to STOP getting married.

I only have so much tears to cry! urgh ( Obviously I am an emotional wreck at weddings- being obsessed with love and all)

Anywaysssssss, I am back in school now and trying to finish my dissertation thingy. So I can say bye bye to this phase of my life.

I just read through this and I realised I struggled to share. Well know this:

I am not alone, broke or hungry. I have solid old friends and some amazing new ones.
God and my family love me unconditionally.

And I still struggle with my shopping habits.

Yesterday I walked into new look- All their flats were on sale . Guess how many I bought?
10. Ore bought 10.

10 pairs of shoes.

Obviously this is an area God needs to step in and resolve.

Anyways- all these aside. I stepped into 2014, with a heightened awareness of how much all of what I have comes by the grace of God, and planned to spend a lot of time in his presence.

I also struggled with buying things for myself- I told myself that I would be kinder to myself.

But I'm going to return a dress I bought that I hate and only paid for because I want to spoil myself.

Also I am looking for someone to come take over my lease where I currently live.

I stay in Dundee 10 mins from the University and my lease expires in August.

I can move out ASAP. Kindly let me know in the comment section is you know anyone.

ALSO, I think this is enough updating for one post.

I hope everyone has a beautiful 2014.

I also feel like I'm going to get married before the year runs out.

I have no idea/how/why. But there is this gut feeling that I need to start planning my wedding. LOL

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