Friday, January 12, 2018

Nigerian Man

I had dinner with T and D and D's niece and Temi.

As usual T and his party was late

we were the last party to leave the restaurant and while we waited for D to get out of the bathroom,

T turns to me and says

"You are a Nigerian Man and there is no redemption for you"

I find that when people describe you as masculine as a female when it has nothing to do with your looks ( a la serena) it really just means that you are breaking out of the box they put you in.

I am as assertive as they come and I do not back down ever.

Now because I'm female I'm expected to be demure but I have decided to just go out and grab all the lives I can live with both hands.

Only men take. women are expected to be given and be grateful that they receive- never mind that it's not what you want.

As someone who has decided to live a full life. read as many books. research the back story of the break out star in the movie I totally adore ( #TheGreatestShowMan). possibly embrace cougar life (LOL).  I find that people are encouraged. Inspired.

There is a lot of if you can so can I vibes. I love it.

And I'm thankful that T thinks I'm a Nigerian man, because I interpret that to mean that I'm living life on my terms.

You know the way Nigerian men do.

but I have emotional intelligence to know that I should not be an asshole.

Also the food at Craft is good. I had such a wonderful time last night

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