Sunday, December 1, 2013

On the 2nd day of Christmas.

This weekend had me experiencing several bouts of nostalgia.

In waves and waves.

In the spirit of home sickness, nostalgia and the reason for the Christmas season- Jesus,

I give you:

Abo Abo- Volume 1.

To douse all confusion. I'm part Isoko* and this track has been a staple in my Sunday mornings as well as car rides with my mother and summer holiday's in Warri and everything else.

It was one of the foremost gospel productions from the Niger delta and my mother played the Shit( pardon my french) out of this CD.

I speak Isoko passably, but can sing along to all the songs in this production.

Ps: Abo means hands in Isoko, so basically he is asking you to clap. Also they are subtitled.
Note that the production of Niger Delta gospel tracks have improved significantly.
This was a pioneer.


pss: This is just part a of a 5 part production.

*Isoko- is a tribe from the Niger Delta where my mother hails from, and I claim occasionally when I want to get out of the garb of being Yoruba from time to time.

Read occasionally in the above statement to mean- ALL THE DAMN TIME.

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